Textures podcast episode 11 – return to the studio part 2

26 May 2011 ↵

We have just released our new video podcast. This episode gives a behind the scenes look at the guitar recording process for our upcoming album.

Bart Hennephof had the following to say about the recording process: “This might be the biggest thing we have done so far, especially guitar wise. We really used every piece of gear – every guitar, amp, cabinet and effect – that was available to us at Split Second Sound studio, to get the right sounds for all the different parts of the album. It’s a very tough process; we have been tracking guitar for weeks now, but finally the end is in sight! Bass, synths and vocals still need to be done, and those are being recorded right now. The pieces are coming together. This album is growing beyond control! Can’t wait to get on the road with this! “

Our new album will see its release this fall, and we will hit the road in September to support it!

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