Stef has been voted best Dutch metal drummer and best Dutch drummer overall by the readers of the drum magazine Slagwerkkrant. The award show to celebrate this will take place beginning of September. This is the first time in the history that a metal drummer has won both awards.

Stef: “This is really bizarre. I’ve never considered myself as a drummer’s drummer. Of course I practiced a lot on drums, but not Donati-style. Most of the practicing happens on my knees and….in my head. 24/7, creating rhythmical- and song ideas. I am a reader of Slagwerkkrant since I was 9 years old, playing along Yes and old U2 songs. Winning these awards is really flattering, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to make progression anymore. On the contrary! Thanx to you all!“

Textures signature Floris van Bommel Sneaker launched.

Renowned Dutch shoemaker Floris van Bommel launched an exclusive limited edition TEXTURES sneaker. The shoe is limited to 75 pairs and is only available in limited amounts through the TEXTURES webshop

Floris van Bommel is a 9th generation shoemaker within the family-owned shoe company van Bommel. The company started in 1734 (before the American Declaration of Independence and 35 years before Napoleon was born !) by Adrianus van Bommel. Since 1952 they have been purveyors to the royal Dutch household.

Exciting or what?

Textures Dualism listening parties New York City and Mumbai

Two continents, two exclusive listening parties. On the 31st of August we will be holding two exclusive Dualism parties.

One will be in our favorite country to tour, India, and the other one will be in the United States. The Indian listening party being held together with our friends at Mixtape. It will take place in B69 in Mumbai at 9:00 PM and will also see a performance by the amazing band Scribe. Entrance is free. … Read more

Hey! It is Stef here. You can view the first play-through video I made for here. In fact, it’s the first video I have ever made! I chose the song Singularity of our forthcoming album Dualism. Some keywords for the drummers: polyrhythms, double bass patterns, quintuplets, ghostnotes. Enjoy!!

Revolver Magazine have launched the stream for Reaching Home, the second song we release from Dualism. You can listen to it here

We recently shot the video for this song with our bass player Remko Tielemans directing it. It was shot on the beautiful island Lanzarote, Canary Islands with its epic scenery. We hope to debut this video end of this month or beginning of September.

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