11 January 2013 ↵


Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a bit quiet around the TEXTURES camp lately.
It is for a valid reason:

After 12 years being a big part of the band, Jochem Jacobs has decided to leave TEXTURES.
It is sad to see him leave, but we respect his decision fully.

Since the very start of TEXTURES, Jochem has helped the band get to where it is
right now and his input will always be part of our music.

Jochem Jacobs:

“I’ve been with TEXTURES from the very beginning and have had a lot of
great adventures in the past 12 years, musically and socially! It was
a dream coming true, I was traveling across the world with my best
friends and making music!!! What more could you want?!! Strange as it
may sound, my priorities changed gradually during the years…
Now the time has come for me to start doing more other stuff.
There are so many things in life that gives me goosebumps!

I’m really busy producing great bands and other music at my studio and
I want to focus more on that, I will keep on rocking!!!!
Also, I will keep being involved with Textures and will continue producing future TEXTURES albums \m/”

It’s a big setback for the band, but we are fully determined to keep on making music.
Therefore the search for a replacement guitarist has begun!

More news about this coming soon!

Bare with us guys! Remember that you, our fans, are the ones that make
us want to move on at full-speed and create some more crazy music!


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Sunday 13 January 2013 – 21:01

It’s a disaster for the band. I was naively waiting for your next album.


Sunday 13 January 2013 – 14:01

Oh, that is very sad to hear :( I’m a really huge Textures fan, you guys and your music means sometimes more than I would like ;) so split’s or changing bandmembers are always a bummer! Good luck to Jochem, he’s really seems to be (like all you guys) a nice and likeable guy! Hope you can find such a amazing replacement with a new guitarplayer as you guys had in the back with Daniel and Uri. Keep on rocking!
Greetz from germay :)


Saturday 12 January 2013 – 17:01



Saturday 12 January 2013 – 16:01

We’re going to miss you Jochem!


Saturday 12 January 2013 – 12:01

You guys survived what I thought would be an impossible hurdle when you lost Kalsbeek. But then you did the impossible and rebounded with Dualism and Daniel. I hope that the loss of Jochem creates a similar rebound and Textures continues to astound and amaze. Good luck and come back to Atlanta as soon as possible!!!


Saturday 12 January 2013 – 10:01

Good luck to Jochem, and “Long Live Textures”. Keep on rockin’ guys, you are amazing!!

Manzil Dimeboy

Saturday 12 January 2013 – 05:01

well I feel pretty good that I saw him playing live here in Nepal
have a good journey ahead ….best of luck
all hail textures


Saturday 12 January 2013 – 02:01

Very sad news as I feel Jochem was a driving force in writing textures music,but I guess that´s the way things work. I hope the band will find suitable replacement and will go on with writing awesome music! I wish Jochem and Textures the best! Thank you for Dualism!


Saturday 12 January 2013 – 00:01

Sir. It’s been an honor.
May the wind be always at your back.
Best wishes.


Friday 11 January 2013 – 23:01

Good luck Jochem, on your future endeavors, you will be missed!

Keep going Textures, the world needs to hear more of your amazing music!


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