12 January 2013 ↵

Although we grief about the departure of Jochem, we have to look forward. Because of that we are announcing an audition for a new guitarist.
That means we’re giving you the opportunity to possibly play in TEXTURES!

Are you interested in playing guitar for TEXTURES?

Yeah? Awesome!

What you have to do is take the following steps:

Send an email to texturesauditions@gmail.com containing:

- your details

- musical background

- personal story why you would want to join us

We also want to see you jam to a Textures song of your choice in a
video! Record it, and attach the link in the email as well.


- must be 20+

- must have a proper live experience

- Preferably a good voice for back-up singer

We will look at ALL the applicants, and select the ones we find
suitable for an audition, and they can come over and jam with us.

Note: Only serious emails will be handled!!

We’re looking forward to all the entries, spread the word!!

Daniël, Remko, Stef, Uri and Bart”

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