18 March 2013 ↵

As released earlier, the news came out that Jochem Jacobs left TEXTURES to focus on other priorities in life.
Although he will be dearly missed, TEXTURES has to focus on the future.

With that in mind the band placed an add to audition as the new guitarist for TEXTURES.
The idea was to send in a video of themselves playing along to a TEXTURES-song of their choice.

Over a hundred applicants from over the whole world sent in their tape! Most of them were amazing and it was a hard decision to pick just six guys out of all these videos.
But the band succeeded and chose some very high quality guitarists. The six guitarists got an invitation to come by the rehearsal room and do a live audition on the 23rd of February.
From that day TEXTURES has made a long and exclusive Audition Podcast which can be viewed down here. Who will it be??

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